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$0.025-$0.03/square in.


Love Bird provides edge to edge long arm quilting services. Send us your pieced quilt and backing, select your thread and pattern and we will do the rest. 

Cost of Edge-to-Edge quilting is $0.025 a square inch. Some premium designs use double stitching and because there is no thread charge, premium designs cost $0.03 per square inch.

You can select from my library of stitch designs or if you see one you like somewhere else, please don’t hesitate to ask if I have it or can get it. You can also select "quilters choice" and I would be happy to pick a design I feel fits the quilt best.

Most quilts will be quilted within 2 business weeks and sent right to your door. Local pickup is also available. Use our quilt cost estimation calculator to see what your quilt will cost.



I currently carry 80/20 (80% cotton/20% polyester) from Quilters Dream.  I am also happy to order specialty battings (like wool) and can give you a price on that, if desired. Please note that if a specialty batting is requested the delivery time of the quilt could be more than 2 weeks.


Binding prices are calculated based on the perimeter (linear inches) of the quilt.  Binding service are:

Cut, Sew & Press binding strips: $0.12/inch

Cut, Sew & Press bias binding strips: $0.17/inch

Sew binding to quilt by machine (one side only):


Binding that is attached to quilt will be left to the quilt owner to finish. If you want binding attached to quilt please specify which side you want it attached to.

Please note: As it takes about the same amount of time to load and design for a baby quilting and a queen size quilt, so the minimum charge is $45 no matter the size.

Back Piecing: Back piecing is available for $15/seam.

Shipping Information: I prefer to ship via UPS as they insure packages up to $100 for no additional fee and are more reliable while USPS only insures a package up to $50. UPS flat rate shipping costs $21.89 for a 12 x 12 x 6 box (usually 1 throw size quilt with cotton backing fabric). Their flat rate shipping for an 18 x 14 x 6 box (1-3 quilts depending on size and backing fabric) is $27.09. Shipping for larger boxes is based on a combination of weight, size and destination.

*Please note that the final price may vary based on individual circumstances and the condition of your quilt. Our estimates are intended as a general guide, and we are committed to providing transparent and fair pricing. We will communicate any adjustments to the estimate with you before proceeding with the service

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