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Quilt Preparation Guide

To ensure the best results for your quilt, please follow these guidelines. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this list!

  1. The quilt back should exceed the dimensions of the quilt top by at least 8 inches in both width and length.

  2. Batting should also surpass the quilt top dimensions by a minimum of 8 inches in both width and length. Batting is available in our studio, or you can send in your own. However, kindly note that only high-quality batting will be used for machine quilting.

  3. Avoid basting the quilt layers together.

  4. Ensure that both the quilt top and back are square to prevent issues such as ruffles, tucks, pleats, and fullness. Although efforts are made to address fullness, occasional pleating or tucking may occur.

  5. Quilt tops must be devoid of embellishments.

  6. If your borders are pieced and you wish to prevent them from separating, perform a stay-stitch 1/8" from the edge to secure the seams.

Shipping Instructions for Quilts:

  1. Capture a photograph of your finished quilt top before packing it for shipment.

  2. Before boxing your quilt, consider wrapping it in plastic to shield the fabric from potential moisture.

  3. Place your name, email address, phone number, and return shipping address inside the box.

  4. Submit a form on the Quilt Form page before shipping to receive a shipping address and any special instructions or lead times.

  5. Notify me when your quilt has been shipped, allowing me to inform you upon its arrival.

  6. *We strongly recommend obtaining tracking for all quilt shipments. If your quilt holds irreplaceable sentimental value, consider adding signature confirmation and/or extra insurance. Lovebird Quilting Co. cannot be held accountable for quilt shipments not received.

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