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Love Bird carries a selection of neutral colored threads that can go with any quilt top to really show off the pattern and piecing of your work of art. We get all of our thread from Superior Threads and use their long arm specific "OMNI" thread. Due to the tension and the fine adjusting of the machine we only allow this thread. You may select any of the colors that we stock below or you may visit the Superior Threads site and chose a custom color from the OMNI line for us to order to really make the quilt your own. 

*please note: Any custom thread requested could delay lead times of quilting services. Any custom thread request must be sent to us to ensure the quality of the thread. We will not accept unverified thread sent with the quilt.


Our machine has all of the designs that come preloaded in HQ Pro-stitcher. If you have a specific design in mind that isn't listed here please provide a link or description of what you would like. We are happy to purchase any stitch pattern to expand our library.

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